Ben at 2.5 Years

Benjamin is halfway to 3 years old so I thought I’d do a little update on how things have been.

On Sleep:

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Ben has always been a cuddler. From the moment he was born, he wanted to be cuddled, he wanted to feel human heat when he sleeps. He didn’t want to be swaddled, he didn’t want to be rocked, he just wanted to feel some sort of skin on skin. That has changed one bit.. It’s a bit of a struggle because Mr. Mac and I are trying to get him to sleep in his own bed, not sure if that’ll happen anytime soon though. He sleeps through the night, no problem. However, he still has this thing where one of his limbs has to be touching someone, in order to go to sleep. Maybe he’ll grow out of it, idk. Hopefully we’ll come to some sort of a successful system by the time baby O arrives.


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Ben has been talking up a storm these past few weeks. Even when he was feeling a little down because of a cold, the kid would not keep silent. He’s full of ideas and questions and doesn’t hesitate to share them with us.

As you all know, he’s pretty much potty trained now (24/7 in undies, huzzah!)

His Lego building skills have greatly improved, he’s actually building things that look like what he’s intending (animals w/ limbs, robots, buildings, rockets, etc.)

His imagination is also growing like crazy. I’ll catch him talking talking (in character) with his action figures.Things like:

“Captain America, you better run!”
“No Hulk, you can’t catch me, I’m too fast!”
Cue toys being tossed across the room and historical laughter.

It’s quite fun to observe.

Our current struggles:

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For the past week or so, Ben has been testing his tantrum limits with everyone. He screams, he becomes a dead weight, he runs and tries to get away, the whole nine yards. We’ve tried different approaches at disciplining him but works best now is to sit him down until he’s calm and then we all talk through what’s going on. It’s a work in progress..

Our current victories:

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Potty training (obviously still excited about this one lol.)

Cleaning! Ben has been doing great with cleaning up any kind of mess. Be it his toys, food/dishes, clothes. He’s such a helper around the house and he takes pride in keeping all of his toys clean and nicely put away by the time he heads to bed.

What has your kiddo been up to these days?