Skipping the Shower?

Don’t worry guys, I’m still showering regularly. This post is about skipping the baby shower. There’s a couple reasons Mr. Mac and I decided to skip the shower this time around.

  • With Ben, we ended up throwing our own shower. Nobody ever really stepped in to throw one and I didn’t mind throwing myself a simple one. It was very casual. The theme (Cookies & Milk) was co-ed friendly. It ended up just being a nice little BBQ w/ all of our close friends and family. With baby O, I don’t feel up to throwing a party. Let’s face it, it’s exhausting. My energy hasn’t been the greatest this pregnancy and I just don’t have it in me to plan one, this time around.
  • It’s baby boy #2 for us. This means we don’t really need new/more clothes or gear. We were blessed with a closet full of cute little boy clothes and a storage full of baby gear with Ben. We plan to use all the previous goods with baby O. All of those onesies Ben only fit in for a few days will be put to good use.
  • There’s only a few items we really “need” (see above bullet). I don’t mind ordering the few items myself; I’ve already ordered the things I really want (new diaper bag that’ll work for two kiddos and a ring sling). Everything else will be added to an Amazon Wishlist and will be given to those that ask what we need.
  • Monaaaaayyyyy. Not that we’re strapped, we’re just putting our money in different places; not a party. If we’re going to spend money, it’ll be on the few necessities we will need for when baby comes.
  • They’re kind of awkward, for me at least. I’m a giver, I don’t like being the center of attention. It seems strange to me to ask for another baby shower since we just had Ben 2.5 years ago; almost selfish if I throw myself another one lol. We good. We good..

I am, however, REALLLLLLLLY (is that enough L’s?) excited for my sister-in-law’s baby shower and for the holiday season. It’s going to be so much fun!

Are you skipping the shower too? What are your reasons for having/not having a baby shower?


Pregnancy: The Second Time Around

If you’ve been keeping up with my previous posts, you already know that the Mr. and I are expecting baby #2 (huzzah!)

It only took 3 cycles of temping to finally get the party started, I’m grateful it didn’t take very long. I can only imagine how crazy I would’ve gotten. After peeing on, what felt like a million, sticks we finally got a positive result!

I expected this pregnancy to be just like the first, but I was wrong.

1. Wacky symptoms. With Ben, the only symptom I had was the irrational tiredness train and I wanted all of the food. This time around, I had all-day sickness. I couldn’t eat more than a handful and I lost weight in the first trimester. I got hit by a cold, which didn’t help and had to suffer through a sinus infection without medication. Everyone said it was a girl because all of my symptoms were the opposite of what I had with Ben. I guess they didn’t realize he was a unicorn pregnancy and I had basically zero symptoms with him in the first place. This time I had tons of headaches, terrible acne and craved salty instead of sweet. Just goes to show you that every pregnancy is different, no matter what the sex is.

2. Big belly arrived early. I showed so much earlier than I had with Ben; I don’t think I looked pregnant until the 3rd trimester. With this pregnancy, I started showing around 14 weeks. (Side note: My apologies for the horrid 2013 photo quality!)

3. Movement. I didn’t feel Ben move until 19ish weeks. This pregnancy, I felt movement around 13 weeks (super early!) My doctor didn’t believe me when I told him I felt the flutters. I’m not sure if I’m just more aware of the movement this time around, or if I just have a super active karate master in there.

4. Less belly shots. With Ben, I took a picture every. single. week. I was a little neurotic about it all. I find myself forgetting to take MONTHLY pictures, this time around. I also don’t obsess over the iPhone app updates that are pushed to my phone every week. “Yeah, yeah…baby is getting bigger. I know.”

5. The ultrasound. At Ben’s anatomy scan ultrasound we had to wait for him to uncross his legs to see the goods. This time around, baby #2 went spread eagle from the get go. There was no questioning it, baby #2 was a BOY. My husband was shocked, he had thought it was a girl. Not going to lie, I struggled with a small amount of gender disappointment. By the time we were done, though, I was excited to start a Pinterest board of how I’d decorate their dinosaur/astronomy/superhero room; gender disappointment didn’t last long. With Ben’s scan, I didn’t hold my bladder, I drank the water too late so I was comfy cozy the whole way through. With baby #2, I had a full bladder and almost peed myself walking from the car to the office, no bueno. The tech was nice enough to let me free the waterfall after a few shots with a full bladder.

So now I sit here at 23 weeks, my ribs are killing me, and my belly touches my keyboard as I type. Many things are the same but there are so many differences with this pregnancy. I’m ready for August to be here. I don’t enjoy pregnancy but the reward makes it all worth it.

Baby O, your pops, big brother and I can’t wait to meet you.

How did your first pregnancy compare to your second/third/fourth/etc.?