10 Potty Training Essentials


Ben has been diaper free for a little over a week now, here are the 10 potty training essentials that worked for us.

  1. Daniel Goes to the Potty (Book) – Ben has always loved Daniel Tiger, we bought him this book maybe a year ago. Mr. Mac and I like the television show a lot and this book goes along with the potty episode that airs. The little potty song is great to sing on the way to the toilet.
  2. Lots of toddler specific underwear (we use Paw Patrol and Minions) – Potty training wouldn’t be complete without underoo made for kiddos. Ben is currently obsessed with Paw Patrol and enjoys Minions too. We found nice little packs at Target but the links are for Amazon, in case there isn’t any Target stores nearby.
  3. Treats – Tell me I’m not the only one who gave my kid a treat for every successful toilet trip. We used M&Ms but gummy bears might be easier if you’re traveling since they don’t get as melty and gross. M&Ms worked fine at home though.
  4. Easy to remove bottoms (Adidas Basketball Shorts, in our case) – Now that Ben is pretty much fully trained, he does fine in whatever bottoms we put on him. To start with, however, was a different story. He was still learning how long he could go holding his bladder, easy removal was a must for us. Luckily, we have tons of comfy basketball shorts for him. It made cleanup a lot easier too, if he ever had an accident.
  5. Baby Wipes – Lots of baby wipes are always a good thing. We always go with the Kirkland/Costco brand. They’re softer and they stay moist longer than other brands we’ve tried. These can be used in multiple ways: cleaning up #2s, wiping down public seats, wiping up accidents (you’ll probably want to disinfect too though), wiping your own hands, wiping your child’s hands, etc. We’ve used these since Ben was a newborn and they’ve never done us wrong.
  6. PRIMO Folding Potty with Handles – This is really nifty to have when out in public. Trust me when I say I have a slight anxiety about going into a public restroom BY MYSELF, let alone with my toddler. This folding seat slips easily into a diaper bag/backpack; I usually slip it in a ziplock baggy for clean storage afterwards. I put this on a public toilet and it gives Ben something trusty to hold on to. Super nifty.
  7. Ziplock Gallon Storage Bag – As mentioned above, we use this to store the folding seat after we use it, I don’t deep clean the seat until we get home. Also used to put soiled underoo in, if needed. And let’s face it, we can never have too many ziplocks in our diaper bags.
  8. Disposable Potty Protectors – We put these under the folding seat mentioned above, just for extra protection. These cover the entire top portion of the toilet, not just the top of the toilet seat. Really nifty to have on hand if you forget your folding seat too. Something is better than nothing, amiright?!
  9. Fisher-Price Royal Stepstool Potty – Before the real deal, Ben started out with this potty. His tushy was a little on the large side so we could never get a successful #2 with it, but he was able to go #1 a couple times. It plays a little tune when something goes in the potty and Ben used to get a kick out of it. Definitely a good encouragement. Nowadays, we use it as a stepstool to get on to the “normal” toilet and to wash his hands.
  10. Foaming Hand Soap – I haven’t tried this specific product yet but it’s on my shopping list. We’ve been using regular hand soap and it works but it gets a little messy and gooey at times. Foaming hand soap would be much more convenient at this time and it always helps if it’s “kid approved”. This particular hand soap is a florescent and fun green and has a melon scent.

What are some potty training essentials in your household?


10 Toys That Lasted

Being the first grandchild of the family, Ben was gifted with tons of toys. Some were used, but most were forgotten. Here are the toys that have lasted for Ben.


  1. Cleo’s Color Book – Ben ate this book up, literally. It was his first book that he was gifted. By the time he was 1 he could recite the book in baby talk. When teething hit, he got his first taste of cardboard from this book. We eventually had to throw it out and buy him a new one. Cute illustrations and simple rhymes that help associate a color with a certain object in the book.
  2. Mega Bloks – When Ben turned 1, he wanted to build. Regular Legos (and even Lego Duplos) were too much for his tiny hands to grasp. Mega Bloks were the key to success. Best of all they were sturdy. So when Ben built the most amazing five block tower he’s ever seen, they didn’t fall down and frustrate him.
  3. Baby Einstein Explore and Discover Soft Blocks – Before crawling and walking, we had a sitting baby. These soft blocks were probably the reason Ben got interested in building. Each cube/block also had a different feature on  each of them. One would vibrate, another had a little mirror, one would crinkle when squeezed and all had different textures placed around the cube. These kept Ben entertained long enough for me to make a sandwich (win!)
  4. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Home Playset – When Ben started crawling and walking, this was a HUGE hit. He cautiously would scale the house, pressing all the buttons and do a little jig to the catchy tunes that would play. Every now and then, he still asks for us to take this out so he can kick open the door and sing along to all the tunes he’s familiar with.
  5. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Chair – This one is still sitting in our living room. There’s tons of things that this little chair can do. You can set the stage of the chair (there are 3 stages total) and it will have an activity that is age appropriate. Ben’s favorite is the remote that plays music. He also loves the little storage compartment under the seat.
  6. Lego Duplo – Along with Mega Bloks, Ben was gifted tons of Lego Duplos. These aren’t as teeny tiny as regular Lego sets (Lego City is a popular one), there is less of a choking hazard with these. At 2.5, Ben prefers these to his Mega Bloks for some unknown reason. Maybe because they require a little more skill and there’s a few more options in block shape? Either way, he loves these and there are tons of sets you could buy with different Duplo characters and colors.
  7. Dinosaurs – This specific dino set is one Ben enjoys because the dino figures stand up easily. He does have tons of different dino figures and loves them all. I like this set because it came with a little backpack; easy storage after playtime.
  8. Nursery Rhyme Comics – Ben recently got into reading again. This book is his go-to every time he sits on the potty. There are around 50 nursery rhymes in this book, all in comic format. It’s an enjoyable read for my husband and myself too! Ben likes to recite his favorites along with us. The illustrations are gorgeous and it gives everyone’s favorite nursery rhyme new life in the comic format.
  9. / 9.5 Marvel Playskool Figures / Marvel Avenger Titan Hero Figures – I bunched these two together because they’re the same kind of idea and Ben loves them both equally. He likes to take his Playskool figures with us on trips. They’re about 2 inches tall and fit nicely in his pockets or my purse/diaper bag. The Titan series are your average sized action figure (around 8 inches tall). No lights or sounds with these, but they work just fine for Ben’s imagination. These are his go-to toys at the moment and if your kiddo only likes one of the avengers, you can find them pretty easy at Target/Walmart/Toys R’ Us for $10.
  10. Nabi 2S Tablet – We had the Sprout Cubby for sometime, until my dad sat on it and the screen cracked…When we went to Best Buy to get a replacement, they didn’t have any in stock but the Nabi 2S was on sale so we snatched it right up. We try not to let Ben use this too much but it’s nice to have for the times he’s restless. It has Google Play installed so he can play his favorite Toca Boca games or just take pictures of his forehead (poor thing hasn’t mastered the selfie just yet.)

With baby #2 on the way, I’m sure we’ll be reusing a lot of these toys. Maybe one day they’ll be playing with them together. Only time will tell!

What are some toys that lasted more than 5 minutes with your kid(s)?