Vlogging VS Blogging

As you can tell, I’m not the best at this whole blogging thing now. Now that Ollie is here, it’s even harder to get on and type out a quality post. That’s why I’ve decided to start posting Vlogs on YouTube. I’ve had the channel for a while but haven’t used it until recently. I hope you enjoy my nonsensical rambling, but now in video format lol.

To visit my channel click here. In the future, I plan on posting more vlogs. Additionally, there’ll be some reviews of technology, games, toys and there will be other fun videos; I’m currently working on a “What’s in my fancy diaper bag” video! Exciting right?!

Keep an eye out for more “fun” videos ;D



Rebranding Update #1

If you didn’t notice already, there’s been some small rebranding stuff happening here. The blog is no longer “NerdyMomStories”, it is now “I Am Bevin Leigh” Huzzah! So if you don’t recognize me in your feed, it’s because I’ve changed names. This time, it’s for good, I promise!

I wanted something simple, and it can’t be any more simple than my name, straight up lol.

Fresh Start:

  • Like I said, new blog name, huzzah!
  • Brand new sparkly logo, hope ya’ll like it.

Behind The Scene Changes:

  • All new social media pages (Instagram/Twitter/YouTube), they’re still pretty dead at the moment but they’ll eventually be filled with all the wife/mom/nerd goodness you could ever wish for. I’m debating making a Snapchat, but I hardly use it now so idk. What do you guys think? Is Snapchat necessary?
  • Simplified Menu(s)
  • Added a Pinterest widget to the sidebar. I’m not changing my Pinterest profile, but you can still check it out by clicking on the social media icon OR you can view my most recent pins directly in the sidebar (neat).
  • If you were following previously, you’re still following; thank you WordPress team. They were able to seamlessly migrate my followers over.
  • I’ve set up a redirect from any old/previous links. So if there happens to be a link from NerdyMomStories, it should redirect you to the correct page on IAMBEVINLEIGH. If it doesn’t or if you get an error, please let me know using the Contact form.
  • Dedicated e-mail

Things To Come:

  • YouTube Uploads/Videos! I want to try an upload a few videos here and there. Be it reviews/vlogs/unboxings/etc.
  • Paid Domain. Eventually, if I start seeing some interest. I may throw a few bucks in to purchase a domain. We’ll see how it goes though.

That’s all I got for now. Do you readers have any thoughts or ideas you’re wanting me to implement with this new rebranding dealio?

I’m excited, you should be too.

Skipping the Shower?

Don’t worry guys, I’m still showering regularly. This post is about skipping the baby shower. There’s a couple reasons Mr. Mac and I decided to skip the shower this time around.

  • With Ben, we ended up throwing our own shower. Nobody ever really stepped in to throw one and I didn’t mind throwing myself a simple one. It was very casual. The theme (Cookies & Milk) was co-ed friendly. It ended up just being a nice little BBQ w/ all of our close friends and family. With baby O, I don’t feel up to throwing a party. Let’s face it, it’s exhausting. My energy hasn’t been the greatest this pregnancy and I just don’t have it in me to plan one, this time around.
  • It’s baby boy #2 for us. This means we don’t really need new/more clothes or gear. We were blessed with a closet full of cute little boy clothes and a storage full of baby gear with Ben. We plan to use all the previous goods with baby O. All of those onesies Ben only fit in for a few days will be put to good use.
  • There’s only a few items we really “need” (see above bullet). I don’t mind ordering the few items myself; I’ve already ordered the things I really want (new diaper bag that’ll work for two kiddos and a ring sling). Everything else will be added to an Amazon Wishlist and will be given to those that ask what we need.
  • Monaaaaayyyyy. Not that we’re strapped, we’re just putting our money in different places; not a party. If we’re going to spend money, it’ll be on the few necessities we will need for when baby comes.
  • They’re kind of awkward, for me at least. I’m a giver, I don’t like being the center of attention. It seems strange to me to ask for another baby shower since we just had Ben 2.5 years ago; almost selfish if I throw myself another one lol. We good. We good..

I am, however, REALLLLLLLLY (is that enough L’s?) excited for my sister-in-law’s baby shower and for the holiday season. It’s going to be so much fun!

Are you skipping the shower too? What are your reasons for having/not having a baby shower?

10 Potty Training Essentials


Ben has been diaper free for a little over a week now, here are the 10 potty training essentials that worked for us.

  1. Daniel Goes to the Potty (Book) – Ben has always loved Daniel Tiger, we bought him this book maybe a year ago. Mr. Mac and I like the television show a lot and this book goes along with the potty episode that airs. The little potty song is great to sing on the way to the toilet.
  2. Lots of toddler specific underwear (we use Paw Patrol and Minions) – Potty training wouldn’t be complete without underoo made for kiddos. Ben is currently obsessed with Paw Patrol and enjoys Minions too. We found nice little packs at Target but the links are for Amazon, in case there isn’t any Target stores nearby.
  3. Treats – Tell me I’m not the only one who gave my kid a treat for every successful toilet trip. We used M&Ms but gummy bears might be easier if you’re traveling since they don’t get as melty and gross. M&Ms worked fine at home though.
  4. Easy to remove bottoms (Adidas Basketball Shorts, in our case) – Now that Ben is pretty much fully trained, he does fine in whatever bottoms we put on him. To start with, however, was a different story. He was still learning how long he could go holding his bladder, easy removal was a must for us. Luckily, we have tons of comfy basketball shorts for him. It made cleanup a lot easier too, if he ever had an accident.
  5. Baby Wipes – Lots of baby wipes are always a good thing. We always go with the Kirkland/Costco brand. They’re softer and they stay moist longer than other brands we’ve tried. These can be used in multiple ways: cleaning up #2s, wiping down public seats, wiping up accidents (you’ll probably want to disinfect too though), wiping your own hands, wiping your child’s hands, etc. We’ve used these since Ben was a newborn and they’ve never done us wrong.
  6. PRIMO Folding Potty with Handles – This is really nifty to have when out in public. Trust me when I say I have a slight anxiety about going into a public restroom BY MYSELF, let alone with my toddler. This folding seat slips easily into a diaper bag/backpack; I usually slip it in a ziplock baggy for clean storage afterwards. I put this on a public toilet and it gives Ben something trusty to hold on to. Super nifty.
  7. Ziplock Gallon Storage Bag – As mentioned above, we use this to store the folding seat after we use it, I don’t deep clean the seat until we get home. Also used to put soiled underoo in, if needed. And let’s face it, we can never have too many ziplocks in our diaper bags.
  8. Disposable Potty Protectors – We put these under the folding seat mentioned above, just for extra protection. These cover the entire top portion of the toilet, not just the top of the toilet seat. Really nifty to have on hand if you forget your folding seat too. Something is better than nothing, amiright?!
  9. Fisher-Price Royal Stepstool Potty – Before the real deal, Ben started out with this potty. His tushy was a little on the large side so we could never get a successful #2 with it, but he was able to go #1 a couple times. It plays a little tune when something goes in the potty and Ben used to get a kick out of it. Definitely a good encouragement. Nowadays, we use it as a stepstool to get on to the “normal” toilet and to wash his hands.
  10. Foaming Hand Soap – I haven’t tried this specific product yet but it’s on my shopping list. We’ve been using regular hand soap and it works but it gets a little messy and gooey at times. Foaming hand soap would be much more convenient at this time and it always helps if it’s “kid approved”. This particular hand soap is a florescent and fun green and has a melon scent.

What are some potty training essentials in your household?

Pregnancy: The Second Time Around

If you’ve been keeping up with my previous posts, you already know that the Mr. and I are expecting baby #2 (huzzah!)

It only took 3 cycles of temping to finally get the party started, I’m grateful it didn’t take very long. I can only imagine how crazy I would’ve gotten. After peeing on, what felt like a million, sticks we finally got a positive result!

I expected this pregnancy to be just like the first, but I was wrong.

1. Wacky symptoms. With Ben, the only symptom I had was the irrational tiredness train and I wanted all of the food. This time around, I had all-day sickness. I couldn’t eat more than a handful and I lost weight in the first trimester. I got hit by a cold, which didn’t help and had to suffer through a sinus infection without medication. Everyone said it was a girl because all of my symptoms were the opposite of what I had with Ben. I guess they didn’t realize he was a unicorn pregnancy and I had basically zero symptoms with him in the first place. This time I had tons of headaches, terrible acne and craved salty instead of sweet. Just goes to show you that every pregnancy is different, no matter what the sex is.

2. Big belly arrived early. I showed so much earlier than I had with Ben; I don’t think I looked pregnant until the 3rd trimester. With this pregnancy, I started showing around 14 weeks. (Side note: My apologies for the horrid 2013 photo quality!)

3. Movement. I didn’t feel Ben move until 19ish weeks. This pregnancy, I felt movement around 13 weeks (super early!) My doctor didn’t believe me when I told him I felt the flutters. I’m not sure if I’m just more aware of the movement this time around, or if I just have a super active karate master in there.

4. Less belly shots. With Ben, I took a picture every. single. week. I was a little neurotic about it all. I find myself forgetting to take MONTHLY pictures, this time around. I also don’t obsess over the iPhone app updates that are pushed to my phone every week. “Yeah, yeah…baby is getting bigger. I know.”

5. The ultrasound. At Ben’s anatomy scan ultrasound we had to wait for him to uncross his legs to see the goods. This time around, baby #2 went spread eagle from the get go. There was no questioning it, baby #2 was a BOY. My husband was shocked, he had thought it was a girl. Not going to lie, I struggled with a small amount of gender disappointment. By the time we were done, though, I was excited to start a Pinterest board of how I’d decorate their dinosaur/astronomy/superhero room; gender disappointment didn’t last long. With Ben’s scan, I didn’t hold my bladder, I drank the water too late so I was comfy cozy the whole way through. With baby #2, I had a full bladder and almost peed myself walking from the car to the office, no bueno. The tech was nice enough to let me free the waterfall after a few shots with a full bladder.

So now I sit here at 23 weeks, my ribs are killing me, and my belly touches my keyboard as I type. Many things are the same but there are so many differences with this pregnancy. I’m ready for August to be here. I don’t enjoy pregnancy but the reward makes it all worth it.

Baby O, your pops, big brother and I can’t wait to meet you.

How did your first pregnancy compare to your second/third/fourth/etc.?

Let’s Talk Potty Training

This past week we’ve started Benjamin with potty training. He’s almost 2.5 now and with baby #2 on the way, it’d be nice to have at least one child out of diapers. Please note that all children are different and what worked for us, may not work for you.

I had a three day weekend and I decided I would use this time to try and see where Ben was at with his potty readiness. We had tried a couple times when he was about to turn 2, and he just wasn’t ready. There was a lot of screaming and running away back then. I didn’t expect much different, this time around.


The morning started off nice, toddler sleepy smiles with crusty eyes are the best. I felt his diaper and it was dry. I briefed him on what was going to happen, no more diapers; just big boy chones (slang for underoo in our household). He was pretty excited and I brought him to the bathroom for our first morning pee. He emptied his entire bladder. SUCCESS! We did the potty dance and washed our hands.

The next battle was having him choose between two different styles of underwear. Minions vs. Paw Patrol…He went with Paw Patrol, so now there’s a face of a dog on my son’s rear end.

It was a warm day so I decided to let him run around with no pants, just underwear. It was easier to get him out of just one layer instead of two. We made trips to the potty every 15-30 mins, even if it was just to try. I would do that potty dance even if it was a dribble of pee. I tried to stay away from asking: “Ben, do you have to pee?”, “Do you want to try the potty?”, “What about poop?” and stuck with direct statements: “Time to go try the potty.”, “Bring your toy, let’s sit on the toilet to pee.” I would remind him every 10 minutes or so to let us know if he has to use the potty.

We had multiple successful trips going #1. We had 2 accidents, not bad. The second accident was on our way to the toilet, he had ran up to me and grabbed his junk as if he were trying to say “HEY MOM, THIS THING IS GOING TO LEAK!” By the time we made it to the bathroom, the pee was already on the floor. He was sad and disappointed with himself, I reassured him that he’s not in trouble and we’ll just try again next time!

We put him back in his diaper that evening after his last trip to the bathroom, just to be on the safe side.


Great potty day, multiple successful pees. No accidents this day! I also extended our potty trips to every 30-45 mins. Ben was very excited to make frequent trips to the potty, his grandma promised him a new toy if he didn’t have an accident so he was determined to get that toy.

After several trips to the potty just to fart, it was go time. I was pretty sure I’d be going poop hunting by the end of the day. Much to my surprise, it wasn’t too bad. He came up to me that evening and said “Momma, I need to poop..” he was nervous. At first, he didn’t want to sit on the potty so I let him run around butt naked for a bit. He was upset I wasn’t putting a diaper on him. I reassured him that he didn’t need one and we would go to the potty when he was ready to go. Eventually, he asked me “Potty now?”

We went to the bathroom and he kept saying “Uh-oh..oh no..the poop!” Poor guy was scared of what was going to happen when the poop came out, with no diaper to catch it. After the big kahuna landed in the toilet, it was a breeze. Almost like he had gotten over his fear of pooping in the potty!

Back in diapers again right before bedtime.


Woke up early, couldn’t get him to sit on the potty before church. Regretfully put him in a diaper for the morning service. He did, however, come up to me a handful of times to tell me he had to go pee. He didn’t fuss or get scared of the new toilet/environment and we successfully went pee a handful of times. He hated his diaper though and asked for his underwear the moment we got home.

Multiple trips for #1s and another successful #2. He was a little nervous about the poop again but he was so excited and proud of himself afterwards. He did a victory lap around the bathroom and gave multiple high fives to everyone after he washed his hands.


Much of the same happened from Day 4+, still haven’t had an accident at home. We haven’t had to do many errands or take him out of the house. That’ll be the true test to see how well we’re doing.

My slight germaphobe tendencies are giving me anxiety about public restrooms but I have a plan (and an amazon list). I’ll be posting again with what my purchases are/were and if we had success with them.

We still haven’t put him in underwear overnight or during naps, going to invest in some pee pads to be on the safe side.

Currently, I’m not too sure what to add to the diaper bag other than spare clothes. A question for you potty trained pros: What are some “must haves” when potty training your child?

Happy potty training everyone 🙂


Rebranding + Some News

Probably not the best time to start this blog up again but as my girl Selena says, “The heart wants what the heart wants”; and gosh darn it, I want to blog!

I have a handful of new and exciting things to blog about, as you can imagine. First things first, our family will be growing by 1 in August! Mr. Mac and I are expecting little boy #2 and we’re very excited to start this new journey as a family of 4.

This new addition has got me thinking about a rebranding of sorts. I’ve been thinking of a new domain. Nerdy Mom Stories is a bit on the long side; I’m trying to think of something shorter but just as enticing. Don’t worry, my nerdiness will still be in full effect but I think I’ll be focusing more on my family and the adventures we’ll be faced with. Send me your positive thoughts.. That being said, you’ll probably start seeing some changes on this blog in the next month or so as this rebranding occurs. Be patient, please. I promise, there’s a rainbow at the end of the tunnel..hopefully.

Onto some exciting news about Benji:

THE GREAT POTTY TRAIN HAS ARRIVED! You’ll see an in-depth post on here about our potty training in the next few days. Get excited.

Other than that, things have been “same ol’, same ol'” in the house of Mac. I’m hoping I can turn a new page and actually commit to something I started (lookin’ at you pilates and planning…sorry).

Hold on to your seats ya’ll, this is going to be a bumpy ride.


Dem Vocals Though

Holy mackerel, Tori Kelly is crazy talented. I’ve been listening to her (new) album Unbreakable Smile for the past week. Every song on this album (including the bonus tracks) are worth listening to. At first I didn’t really care for some of the tracks, but they’ve all grown on me.

I love listening to an album from start to finish, the way the artist intended us to hear their music. Idk if I’m making up these kinds of things in my head, but I’ve always thought that we should try and see the story the artist is painting. From the first track to the last track, in order. There’s something about NOT using shuffle that just feels right to me. There’s a flow to the music that happens when listening to the tracks in order.

Maybe things have changed and artists don’t really care about that stuff anymore though lol. It kind of makes me sad that we don’t really buy physical CD/Albums anymore. I used to tare through the plastic sheet, get frustrated with that pesky sticker label on the top (and sometimes bottom and sides) of the CD, flip through those album lyric booklets like a madwoman, reading everything even the “thank you” section at the end. Idk where I’m going with this. To each their own I guess..

I’ll keep listening to albums from start to finish though, good day!


I’ve forgotten how much I love summer. Everything about it, the weather, the food, the colors, everything. I find myself staring out the window at work, wishing I was outside with Ben; running through the sprinklers, eating watermelon (yum) and jello. Thomas and I took him to the park this weekend and he loved it (as he usually does). I think his favorite part is just being outside, running around like a wild piggy lol. I have this Friday off (thank you, founding fathers) and I want to squeeze in as much summertime as I can. Not sure what we’ll be doing on the 4th yet, but I want to bake something.. and maybe BBQ? I’m still sorting out the details but we’ll figure it out before the weekend hopefully.

My birthday is next weekend! Thomas has planned a fun day out for us. I’m really excited to get out and explore. That’s what summer’s all about right? I’ll be turning the big fat 25.. I’ll be half a century old! Crazy. Why do I still feel like a kid? I swear, I belong in Neverland. I don’t think I’ll ever grow up, no matter how wrinkly I get.
For my birthday, Thomas has already told me I’ll be getting a new MacBook Pro (w/ retina display)! I’ve had the same laptop since I graduated high school. My old MacBook Pro still running okay but the telltale signs of aging electronics are starting to appear. I won’t bore you w/ the details but lets just say, it’s time. Thomas also will be treating me with some Sprinkles Cupcakes! They’ll be bringing back the Sprinkle Cupcake as a regular and I’ll be sure to indulge on our trip 😀
A new laptop and a cupcake, he knows me well.

Back to summertime though..

Yesterday afternoon, I gave Benjamin his first “big boy” haircut. He did surprisingly well, he sat as still as a 1.5 year old could in his dad’s lap. It’s crazy what a simple haircut can do though. He looks like a different kid. I can’t believe he’ll be 2 in November, time is flying so fast. It has been in overdrive ever since Ben came into our lives. Before I know it, he’ll be going to school D: WATTT?!!!

Tons of people I know (around the same age as me) have been getting married and having kids now. It makes me feel THAT much older. It feels like yesterday we were all just playing tag in parking lots.. The world is spinning, even if we don’t feel it.

How do I keep getting off topic?


I will leave you with my favorite “summer” song.

Fancy Seeing You Here

I feel like I always start these posts with “I’M BACK FOREVA!” but let’s be honest, I don’t know when I’ll be back after this post.. lol.

I’ve thought about you, I promise. There’s just been other things that needed my attention. I think I’ve said this before.. I’ve always loved the idea of blogging but have never been good at the execution of having a blog. That’s all right though because you still love me…right?

Benjamin is a little over 1.5 years old now, I’ve started pinning ideas for his Dinosaur Party. Pinterest has been a life saver for those kinds of things.

He’s singing songs, dancing up a storm (still), learning how to operate my iPhone and take selfies (ugh, thanks mom)… and enjoys “reading” and “coloring”.

He’s successfully gone #2 on the potty THREE times! Where has the time gone? I could go on and on about all the new exciting things he’s doing and learning (obsessed mother alert). All in all, I’ve just been enjoying watching him get smarter and handsomer(?) each day. It’s like I notice something new in him, every morning it’s something different.

Now that Thomas is working, I crave for time together as a family. Luckily my husband is a doll and will watch The Simpsons on FXX with Benny and I, whenever I ask; I love that man.

I’ve started taking a little more pride in my face. Even if nobody can tell, it makes me feel good about myself. I’ve started cleansing (Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple-I’ve only been using it for a week, not sure how I like it. I was previously using Burt’s Bees Acne Solutions Cleanser which was okay), toning (Pixi Glow Tonic) and moisturizing (Garnier Moisture Rescue and Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel) on a regular basis. I’m still working out what I’d consider my HG facial products.. it’s a process..

I’ve also been bit by the lipstick bug. Currently, I’m obsessed with Maybelline’s Creamy Matte lipstick in the shade Nude Nuance. I can’t tell you how hard it is to find a shade that isn’t like koolaid on the lips for me. This shade has been maaaavalous!  My lips are really pigmented as it is so it’s hard to find a nude that works without washing out the rest of my face.

The last obsession I’ll be rambling about is a game that was recently released for the Nintendo Wii U…. SPLATOON. Omg ya’ll, if you have a Wii U, you need to go out and buy Splatoon right now. It’s the most fun I’ve had with a console game in a LONG time!

The object of the game is to paint the majority of the map with your teams’ color. At the end of the match, whoever covered the most wins. Super simple but super fun. You’ll just have to trust me and go play..right…now… I’m not kidding. Go.

I’ll leave you with a few pictures of Mister Benjamin, as always.


Father's Day 2015

Father’s Day 2015