Oliver Thomas’ Birth Story

This is Oliver Thomas’ Birth Story

1 Week Before Delivery:

Restless nights. I felt like I got up every 2/3 hours to pee and had two nights of continuous Braxton Hicks contractions. I knew the time was coming soon. I had a little bit of anxiety about going into labor. Since my water broke with Ben, I didn’t really know what to expect. There were multiple times where I thought I was going into labor but it ended up just being gas or the contraction(s) would go away once I moved around.

08/11/2016 @ 6 AM:

First contraction hit, but it felt like the Braxton Hicks I had previously. The next contraction comes around 7 minutes after the first and I decided to get up and use the restroom to see if they’d go away like the previously did. No such luck, I had another contraction in the bathroom. These contractions weren’t really strong, they felt just like the Braxton Hicks I had in the days prior but they were constantly coming and increasing in intensity just a smidgen every time. I go back to the bedroom and tell Thomas (who was getting ready for work) that this may be the real thing but to go to work and I’d call if they contractions didn’t go away.

@ 7ish:

Jumped in the shower and dealt with a handful of contractions. I knew the contractions were most likely NOT Braxton Hicks since they weren’t going away. Once I got out of the shower, I started packing our bags for the hospital. Surprise, surprise, we weren’t ready lol.

@ 7:30ish:

Contractions continue to increase in intensity and duration. I decided to walk around our kitchen to help the contractions regulate. I call Thomas and tell him this is it and to go pick my mom up (who works down the block from him). At this time, the contractions were anywhere from 5-7 minutes apart and lasted about 1 minute each. I could still talk and walk through the contractions though so I didn’t think I was very far along. Every time a contraction started, I would stop and lean over the counter (or wall, depending on where I was) and just breathe through each one. Deep breath in, relaxed breath out. Trying to remember that the baby needed me to relax in order to descend.


Thomas and my mom finally make it home. My mom looked at me and could tell I was in labor lol. At this time the contractions were 3-5 minutes apart, still lasting about 1 minute in duration. I started the 1 hour wait to go to the hospital.

@9 AM:

I gave Benji a kiss and told him that I would see him soon! my heart was sad that he wouldn’t be the “baby” anymore. We packed up our stuff into the car and headed off. Thanks to pre-registration, getting into the hospital was a breeze. I stripped down and put on one of those oh so sexy hospital gowns and waited to be checked. I thought I was probably at 4cm but secretly wishing to be at 5 or 6cm dilated. I was still able to walk and talk through the contractions. I was actually joking around, the entire way to the hospital, so I couldn’t be that far along right?

@9:20 AM:

The nurse came in to check me (her name was Winnie and she was amazing)….I was 8cm dilated. “WAT?!” I literally said that so she checked again and yup, 8cm.. Holy smokes, it got real fast. They admitted me and moved me to the delivery room.

The nurses let me labor as they monitored the baby and my vitals. It took a bit longer than I thought to reach pushing time but you’ll understand why later..


The nurses let me do a few practice pushes and my water broke. They called in my doctor a few minutes after that. The nurses were having me push on my side, since the baby liked that position better. His heart was decelerating a little when I was on my back.

When my doctor made it, he checked me and informed me that the baby was in a posterior position aka he was sunny side up or face up. My doctor didn’t make it seem like a big deal and told me that we were still going for a vaginal deliver. I was like “Okie dokie doc!” I found out after the baby was born that a face up baby usually makes labor a lot longer, more susceptible to back labor, and there’s a big chance of stalling and needing a c-section. Yes, pushing was MUCH harder this time around but thankfully I didn’t have back labor and I didn’t have to have a c-section (but I was really close to one, I think).

Time was a blur at this point. The nurses put the oxygen mask on me because the baby’s heart rate was decelerating during my pushes. I started getting scared. I felt like I wasn’t making progress and I was starting to lose my energy. During one of my pushes, the baby’s heart rate decelerated and was having a hard time coming back up. My doctor gave me an episiotomy and took out the vacuum to assist the baby out. He tried once and was unsuccessful, no bueno. I gave it my all with the next contraction and the doctor was able to successfully guid the baby with the vacuum on his second attempt. The way hospitals work is after the third attempt with the vacuum, they go straight to c-section, I was blessed to avoid one. The cord was loosely wrapped (once) around his neck but my doctor easily took it off w/ no distress to the baby.

Oliver Thomas was born @ 12:52 PM; 8 lbs. 4 oz.; 20 inches long.

My sister told me afterwards that there was a swarm of nurses that came in when Ollie’s heart decelerated that last time but they all left once he was out and crying healthy. I think the information I learned after Oliver was born was slightly traumatic and I’m still getting over the whole heart deceleration but I try to remember that my doctor was in control and knew exactly what to do and when to do it. (Thanks Dr. Clark, you da bomb)

My doc had to cut the cord because of the whole wrapped around the neck thing but Thomas and I didn’t mind, as long as we had a healthy baby.


I was able to have skin-on-skin and nurse Ollie for an hour while my doctor stitched me up. He was so much like Ben but so different at the same time. The first thing I noticed about him was that he looked even MORE like me than Benji did. I don’t know how that’s possible. He also had much more hair than Ben. It was everywhere, his shoulders, his legs, and of course his head. He was quieter than Ben was too. Benji had a pterodactyl scream/cry and Ollie took a while to get all riled up. He has a slightly raspy voice and his eyes are not as round as Benny’s. But, oh lordy, I never knew my heart could be so full of love.

Bleeding was intense again but I expected it…so I didn’t really care lol. The nurses gave me some tips for faster healing this time around and I’m not sure if it was their advice or my body just knowing what to do, but I bounced back fairly quick this time around. I loved every single nurse I had and the hospital stay was pretty uneventful.

We were discharged the next afternoon (08/12/2016).

Unlike Ben, Oliver has been able to sleep on his own (in his own bed/bassinet) which makes life a whole lot easier for Thomas and I. Benji had (and still does) to feel someone laying next to him in order to sleep. He slept on my chest for most of his newborn life. Oliver is great all on his own, he actually prefers not to be messed with, and we’re not complaining lol.

I could go on and on about how my boys’ newborn lives compare but, I don’t want to bore you 🙂

All in all, everything went great! We came home with a happy chubby baby and now, we are a family of four!