Mr. Mac & I

This is the story of how two crazy kids fell in love.

The crazy courtship:
I was 13 in 8th grade, he was 14 a freshman. I lived in central California, he lived in southern California. We met before eHarmony, before Match dot com, before any of those dating web sites took over the internet. We met in an AOL Chatroom titled “Sports”. Looking back on it, we were crazy and stupid but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. We spent a year casually chatting on “AIM” (AOL Instant Messenger) about random things: sports, video games, computers, school. We eventually traded phone numbers and talked on the phone from time to time. My parents were not so happy about the friendship I had created over the internet, his parents weren’t too fond of it either (understandably so). On March 6, 2004, Thomas asked me to be his “girlfriend” and I said yes, after giggling like a crazy child lol.

Face-to-face at last:together
Thomas and I didn’t meet face-to-face until later that year, with our parents as chaperones. His family drove the 6 hours to see me and my family. We had lunch, got to know everyone and said our goodbyes. My dad didn’t think it would last and thought we were wasting our time, my grandmother had to force him to come.

Eventually, Thomas won my entire family over and we continued our long-distance relationship for approx 5 years and continued dating through college.

engagmentThe proposal:
December 25, 2010– It was Christmas Eve, I had just gotten off of work, working a crummy, minimum wage, retail job. Seasonal work is the worst. I changed into some sweats and a tank-top and started unwinding. Thomas got me some chocolate milk and Hawaiian bread and we got ready to watch some TV. Thomas started rambling about some dream he had. He goes on and on and finally he says he couldn’t think of ever spending a day without me in his life. He got on one knee and my armpits got sweaty. We were engaged that night.

21_effectedThe wedding:
All girls dream of that big, fairy tale, wedding… at least I did. I wanted a biggo shabang and it took me a while to come to the conclusion that I didn’t need the DJ, catering, crazy big dress and the whole nine yards. We settled for a backyard wedding with only our close friends and immediate family. The catering was done by my father-in-law, we had hot dogs and burgers. The DJ was my sister and sister-in-law w/ the radio and an iPod. I purchased my dress for $20 at Forever 21 and my sisters did my hair and make-up. Decorations were handled by my mother-in-law. My youngest cousin was our ring bearer and my dad officiated the ceremony.

It. Was. Perfect.
We were married on February 18, 2012
The rest is history.


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