Benjamin James’ Birth Story

This is the story of Benjamin James. May be a tad TMI for those w/ a weak stomach (aka, those who don’t like birth stories w/ discussion of poop, cuts and  lady bits) lol.

This is Benjamin’s Birth Story

1 Week Prior to Due Date:

I felt REALLY pregnant. I had multiple nights where the baby kicked so hard I thought he’d break my waters. Three days before my due date I got some crazy BH contractions, I was almost positive I’d be going into labor but the BH would go away after 30 mins or so. I was almost 100% sure that I’d have to be induced, I felt like Ben was never going to come out and that I’d be pregnant forever.

11/07/2013 (day before due date):

No more BH, I felt no sense of urgency and since “nobody ever gives birth on their due date” I had started making plans with the hubs to catch the matinée showing of Thor in the morning. I also decided to go on a Netflix spree and stayed up until 11…

11/08/2013 Due Date:

At 12:10 AM my biggo preggo self decided to turn over in bed to get more comfortable. I felt a slight trickle down under but thought it was normal discharge or that I peed a little, no biggy. It wasn’t a gush and I didn’t feel any wetness on my pajamas either so I shrugged it off. I thought if my waters broke, it’d soak through my panty liner onto my pajamas. Approximately 5 minutes after that sensation I got my first “real” contraction. It felt NOTHING like the BH that I had felt earlier in the week. I can’t really explain how it felt, the best way to put it is that it did feel like a very strong period cramp, but at the same time nothing like I’ve ever felt before. However, the contraction wasn’t anything crazy. I still thought it might just be strong BH but I got out of bed to use the restroom, just in case.

The moment I pulled down my pajamas to go to the restroom, I knew my waters had broke. Panty liner was SOAKED, underwear was SOAKED. I was surprised it didn’t soak my pajama bottoms. I sat on the toilet for what seemed like 10 minutes, in denial. I didn’t yell out to my husband for new underwear, I wanted him to sleep for as long as possible. I stuffed some tissue down below and waddled to grab some new underwear. Put a maxi pad in the fresh pair of underwear and finally woke up my husband.. “Um, babe, my waters broke..” My husband and myself were still getting over a throat cold and he had took nyquil the night before so it took a few nudges before he actually woke up and comprehended what I was saying. He finally responded “..Are you sure?” Let me say that he also had bet that I’d go into labor at 11:40 PM on 11/07/2013 so he also said “DARN IT BEV, YOU’RE 20 MINUTES LATE!” I laughed and he rolled out of bed and started gathering our bags. I woke my parents up (we are staying with them) and called my sister who was at her boyfriend’s house. My mom didn’t believe me either when I told her my waters broke, not sure why everyone thought I was crazy. I was having contractions throughout all the commotion but nothing I couldn’t talk through or walk around with.

We finally get in the car and head to the hospital. We arrive around 1 AM, by the time we got to the hospital my maxi pad was soaked. The lovely nurse had me strip down and she checked to make sure my waters really did break, I was still gushing down there so I’m assuming it wasn’t a complete break but a tear. Anyways, I got my first dilation check with the nurse (my doctor never checked me) and it was a lot more uncomfortable than I had thought it’d be, I think I was at 4cm. I was a little bummed but I was expecting it because it was my first. Contractions were getting more uncomfortable. They finally moved me to the room I’d be giving labor in. Contractions started getting REALLY strong. My nurse was very sweet and made sure to check me after my contractions or whenever I told her I was ready. She even told me that she felt some hair on the baby’s head 🙂 She regularly asked if I wanted any pain meds and I declined. I’ve never really known my pain tolerance since I never had a sprained ankle/broken bone/stitches/etc. I had decided that I’d wait it out as long as possible and if I couldn’t handle the pain I’d get an epi, but I never had to (huzzah!). I progressed pretty fast, dilating little by little, breathing through each contraction by focusing on a little plastic circle on the hospital bed. I kept tracing the circle with my eyes, round and round imagining the baby moving lower and lower (positive thinking helped lol). Whenever my nurse checked me, my body shook and the nurse said my body was just reacting to the pain. I think the worst pain was in my hips. LAWD, I thought they were going to just rip apart. My husband and mom were the only two in the room with me, there presence was nice but I felt best when it was quiet and when nobody touched me lol. After what felt like the millionth time, I couldn’t respond to the nurse when she asked what my pain level was. I got up to an 8 or a 9 but still refused any pain meds. It was mind over matter at that point. My husband kept telling me that I was doing great and that’s all I needed to hear. My mom kept telling me I was doing so much better than her (she also gave birth with no meds) and that was encouraging. Finally around 6:50, my body was telling me to push. I yelped for the nurse to check me and I was at an 8 or a 9 (relaxing through contractions speeds up the dilation process!). They called my doctor and he made his way to the hospital at some point, I don’t remember. My nurse, who was off at 7 AM had me do some practice pushes before leaving, I was sad she was leaving but the next nurse that came in was an absolute angel. They finally let me push on my own will, I guess I was at 10 cm I was in denial that it happened so quickly.


I never attended any birthing classes, never watched any videos on it so I winged it. I felt that I was never pushing in the right place. When my doctor checked on me I peed all over the place and I’m pretty sure poop happened. The doctor had ordered a vacuum in the room but hadn’t said he would use it. Around 7:30 AM, 30 mins or so of pushing, I was exhausted and I felt like I was burning up. My angel nurse patted my face and chest down with a cold, damp cloth and fanned my with my hospital gown. I couldn’t have asked fo a better nurse. All this time, I was listening to the baby’s heartbeat and I noticed it started to slow a little with my next push. My doctor noticed the same thing and decided it may be best to give me an episiotomy to make it a little bigger for the baby’s head. I agreed, I knew the baby needed to come out soon and I DID NOT want a c-section. He also said that if I’m not able to get the baby out in the next few pushes, he’d recommend to use the vacuum since the baby’s heart rate was dropping. That did it for me. Two pushes later (and after yelling “I SMELL VICTORY!” according to my mom I was a little loopy from lack of sleep and pain), Benjamin James was born at 7:41 AM. He came out big-eyed and with a full head of hair. They wiped his little face and then that beautiful scream of his 😀 I looked over at my husband and he was speechless and had tears in his eyes too. Thomas (the husband) cut the cord, apparently but I didn’t notice. I was too busy crying and staring at Ben’s handsome little mug. After they wiped Ben’s body and face off, he was immediately put on my chest and we had at least an hour and a half of skin-on-skin. He was so alert and eager to look around at everything and everyone.

Post Partum:

My doctor stitched me up (he said his cut was the equivalent to a third-degree tear) it hurt, I think I yelped at him a bit when he started stitching lol. The nurse gave Benjamin his first bath and they started taking his measurements and info down while my nurse helped me up to the bathroom. The bleeding is pretty intense and scary, I thought it’d never stop. The hospital gave me some crazy big pads, ice packs and some amazing spray to help me feel comfortable down there. It sucked that I was recovering from a cough, it hurt every time I had to cough and it scared the baby too.. Breastfeeding was tough, the nurses all have their own opinion on how it’s supposed to be done. I just listened to all their recommendations and took what worked for me. I had/have inverted nipples so it was a bit of a challenge at first but Ben adjusted and now we’re doing well! They were so sore and even bled a little for the first week or two but the ladies are fine now. Stool softeners are a gift from above by the way!

This post was longer than I thought it’d be, and I left out a lot of detail lo, I must be long winded hahaha


Water broke turning over in bed, no meds with crazy hip pain, episiotomy, pushing was hard, 8 lb 2 oz, 19 in healthy baby boy born after approx 7 hours of labor w/ 40 mins of pushing. Born on due date!



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