My name is Bevin.

I created this blog because I was bored and decided I would share my shenanigans with the world.

As far as I go, I like computers and anything technology related, reading, coffee, watching NatGeo/The Discovery Chanel/Discovery ID/The History Chanel/etc., playing video games, watching hockey (GO BLACKHAWKS!), fixing people’s basic technical issues, Reddit, pretending I’m good at video games, chocolate/strawberry milk, the list goes on forever.

Every so often I try to be crafty and bake some deliciousness, usually the picture on the box looks 200% better than what comes out of my oven.. I love the idea of DIY stuff, but I never really get to the DIY portion of things.. I should really try harder to become more crafty for my son’s sake.

I am currently the director for my local church’s Kid’s Ministry. They chose the ministry name “iCarryTheLight” and I think it suites them perfectly. We’re a small church located in…not the best part of town. These handful of kids that attend our church, and the group of kids that we’ve become close with in the neighborhood, learn about how God loves us and how they should love others and shine His light into the darkness. You’ll see a few posts here and there about what God is doing in the children’s ministry at our church.

I am married to my best-friend, we met on an AOL chat room when we were teens but that’s a whole other story. We created the cutest little human on November 8, 2013 and his name is Benjamin (aka Benny or Ben). We are expecting another little boy (Baby O) in mid August 2016!

I think I’m hilarious; I’m not sure anyone else does, but that’s okay with me.

This is my life, this is our life.


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