Rebranding Update #1

If you didn’t notice already, there’s been some small rebranding stuff happening here. The blog is no longer “NerdyMomStories”, it is now “I Am Bevin Leigh” Huzzah! So if you don’t recognize me in your feed, it’s because I’ve changed names. This time, it’s for good, I promise!

I wanted something simple, and it can’t be any more simple than my name, straight up lol.

Fresh Start:

  • Like I said, new blog name, huzzah!
  • Brand new sparkly logo, hope ya’ll like it.

Behind The Scene Changes:

  • All new social media pages (Instagram/Twitter/YouTube), they’re still pretty dead at the moment but they’ll eventually be filled with all the wife/mom/nerd goodness you could ever wish for. I’m debating making a Snapchat, but I hardly use it now so idk. What do you guys think? Is Snapchat necessary?
  • Simplified Menu(s)
  • Added a Pinterest widget to the sidebar. I’m not changing my Pinterest profile, but you can still check it out by clicking on the social media icon OR you can view my most recent pins directly in the sidebar (neat).
  • If you were following previously, you’re still following; thank you WordPress team. They were able to seamlessly migrate my followers over.
  • I’ve set up a redirect from any old/previous links. So if there happens to be a link from NerdyMomStories, it should redirect you to the correct page on IAMBEVINLEIGH. If it doesn’t or if you get an error, please let me know using the Contact form.
  • Dedicated e-mail

Things To Come:

  • YouTube Uploads/Videos! I want to try an upload a few videos here and there. Be it reviews/vlogs/unboxings/etc.
  • Paid Domain. Eventually, if I start seeing some interest. I may throw a few bucks in to purchase a domain. We’ll see how it goes though.

That’s all I got for now. Do you readers have any thoughts or ideas you’re wanting me to implement with this new rebranding dealio?

I’m excited, you should be too.


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