[REVIEW] Lumene Vitamin C+ Illuminating Anti-Aging BB Cream SPF 20 in Medium

I’ve never been a girl that wore makeup. Like you might have read in a previous post, I JUST started dabbling in lipstick. After doing a bit of reading, I thought I’d try my hand at BB Creams. I know they’re nothing like the Korean versions but I heard some good things about certain brands. I had tried the Garnier version for oily skin and it was nice but it started turning a weird color on me after a few hours. Not pretty. It did a really nice job coverage wise but got greasy and shiney maybe an hour after application.. Powder and blotting helped but I didn’t want something high maintenence.

I came across a few old blog posts about Lumene’s BB Cream. There wasn’t much negative about it. Most of Ulta and Makeupalley’s reviews were positive! That’s always a good sign. Unfortunately, none of my Walgreens/Targets carried this particular BB Cream and none of my CVS had the shade (Medium) I was looking for. I ultimately ordered the BB Cream from Ulta’s website and sat around for a little more than a week waiting for it.. In the meantime I grabbed Rimmel’s Stay Matte Pressed Powder (also raved about on many makeup groups).

When the BB Cream finally came in, I was excited to try it out the next morning. After cleansing my face (Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple) and toning (Pixi’s Glow Tonic), I popped open Lumene’s BB Cream. Right off the bat, I liked it more than Garnier’s BB Cream. Garnier’s BB Cream was sooooo watery, it slipped everywhere when squeezed out the bottle. Lumene’s BB Cream was more of a cream consistency. It didn’t roll off the back of my hand like Garnier’s would. Lumene also had a nice light citrus scent to it, nothing overwhelming and it went away upon application. It was kind of refreshing actually. I was a little concerned when I had ordered it, that the shade wouldn’t suite my complexion. I have naturally tan/olive skin (Filipino complexion) and this BB only came in two shades; light and medium. Most of the Ulta/Makeupalley reviews were posted by fair skinned gals too so I wasn’t sure how the medium shade would work. Thankfully, the medium shade suited me perfectly and if I added a tad bit of bronzer, it could add some dimension if I wanted it.

It didn’t give CRAZY coverage (obviously), but I wasn’t looking for crazy coverage. I just wanted something that would blur out some of the acne scars and pores, reduce darkness and redness, and to just even out my skintone all around. Lumene definitely delivered. My husband (who hates it when I wear any kind of makeup) said it looked like I had a slight glow, and not in a bad greasy or oily way. I decided to try of Rimmel’s powder to finish it off. I actually really liked how everything came together! The powder helped me throughout the day with any kind of oil that might have popped up onto the surface. The BB Cream stayed the same color throughout the day too, score! They both felt nice and light on the skin, I didn’t feel like I had painted my face; it still felt like my skin could breathe underneath.

When I washed it off at the end of the day, my skin still felt fresh and soft. Not greasy at all and it didn’t break me out either.

(I apologize for crazy morning hair lol..)


-Feels light when wearing
-Evens out skintone
-Blurs out any kind of acne scars and large pores
-Doesn’t oxidize (change colors)
-Skin still feels fresh after wearing for 8+ hours
-Controls shine better than competing brands

-Not easily available (in my area at least)
-Only two shades (001-light and 002-medium)

Overall, I’m really happy with my purchase and I’m kind of sad they don’t carry this at any of my local drugstores. I’ll definitely purchase through Ulta or Amazon again, once my tube runs low. If you’re on the market for a nice light coverage, check out Lumene’s Vitamin C+ Illuminating Anti-Aging BB Cream w/ SPF 20!


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